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Custom Check Example - ACL Checking

This check is useful when there are specific ACLs on aws_s3_buckets that you absolutely don’t want to be used.

For this, the isNone check action works well, you can provide a list of values that must not be used. In the example below, if the acl attribute is one of the list, the check will fail.

  "code": "CUS003",
  "description": "Check ACL is not one of bad values",
  "requiredTypes": [
  "requiredLabels": [
  "severity": "ERROR",
  "matchSpec": {
    "name": "acl",
    "value": ["public-read", "authenticated-users"],
    "action": "isNone"
  "errorMessage": "The ACL must not be one of ['public-read', 'authenticated-users']",
  "relatedLinks": [