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Custom Check Example - Tag Checking

Tag checking allows us to ensure that Terraform confirms to company compliance requirements.

Take, for example, a requirement that all assets must be tagged with a CostCentre for tracking expenditure.

The custom check below can be used;

  "code": "CUS001",
  "description": "Custom check to ensure the CostCentre tag is applied to EC2 instances",
  "requiredTypes": [
  "requiredLabels": [
  "severity": "ERROR",
  "matchSpec": {
    "name": "tags",
    "action": "contains",
    "value": "CostCentre"
  "errorMessage": "The required CostCentre tag was missing",
  "relatedLinks": [

If all AWS resources should be covered, use a value of aws_* in the requiredLabels list.