tfsec can by run with no arguments and will act on the current folder.

For a richer experience, there are many additional command line arguments that you can make use of.

Argument Short Code Description
–allow-checks-to-panic -p Allow panics to propagate up from rule checking
–concise-output   Reduce the amount of output and no statistics
–config-file [path to config file]   Config file to use during run
–custom-check-dir [path to checks dir]   Explicitly the custom checks dir location
–detailed-exit-code   Produce more detailed exit status codes.
–exclude [comma,separated,rule,ids] -e Provide comma-separated list of rule IDs to exclude from run.
–exclude-downloaded-modules   Remove results for downloaded modules in .terraform folder
–filter-results [comma,separated,riles,to,check]   Filter results to return specific checks only (supports comma-delimited input).
–force-all-dirs   Don’t search for tf files, include everything below provided directory.
–format [default,json,csv,checkstyle,junit,sarif] -f Select output format: default, json, csv, checkstyle, junit, sarif
–gif   Show a celebratory gif in the terminal if no problems are found (default formatter only)
–help -h help for tfsec
–ignore-hcl-errors   Stop and report an error if an HCL parse error is encountered
–ignore-info   [DEPRECATED] Don’t show info results in the output.
–ignore-warnings   [DEPRECATED] Don’t show warnings in the output.
–include-ignored   Include ignored checks in the result output
–include-passed   Include passed checks in the result output
–no-color   Disable colored output (American style!)
–no-colour   Disable coloured output
–out [path to output to]   Set output file
–run-statistics   View statistics table of current findings.
–soft-fail -s Runs checks but suppresses error code
–tfvars-file strings   Path to .tfvars file, can be used multiple times and evaluated in order of specification
–update   Update to latest version
–verbose   Enable verbose logging
–version -v Show version information and exit
–workspace [terraform workspace] -w Specify a workspace for ignore limits

This list can also be found by running tfsec --help

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